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Including 20% ​​VAT.

Select your required toll section.
Number of trips
Please enter the details of your vehicle license plate number.
Please use a dash instead of the coat of arms/ plaques.
EUR (Including 20% ​​VAT.)

Overview of tickets

The section toll cards are available as single trips (1 or 2 journeys) or as annual cards with or without subscription.

A 11 Karawanken Northbound

The toll for the northbound route can only be paid locally at the Hrušica toll station in Slovenia, as this route is subject to tolls from the Slovenian motorway company DARS.

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Here you can find out about some of the frequently asked questions about the product selection.

More FAQs about digital toll products

You cannot buy scratch cards, but receive them in the form of promotions. For example, some publishers offer their customers a free annual vignette when they take out an annual subscription. Once you have paid for your annual subscription, you will receive a scratch card. In the Webshop, enter the code on the card together with the country of registration and your vehicle license plate number.

With the scratch card to the digital vignette in just a few steps:

  1. Scratch free the code on the front of the scratch card
  2. On the start page of select the "ANNUAL VIGNETTE"
  3. Enter your vehicle licence plate number.
  4. In the field "Registration code" enter the code you have uncovered and click on "NEXT"
  5. Please enter your e-mail address on the "My data" page
  6. Click on "NEXT" and confirm the conditions of use on the page "Order overview" and the orange button "REDEEM CODE AND ORDER" to complete the order process
  7. You will then receive your 0 Euro invoice and your order confirmation by e-mail

Note: Your digital vignette becomes valid immediately on using the code - your right of withdrawal is void.

Yes, registered users can do so here at the web shop. You may change the validity period and you licence number until your Digital Vignette or Digital Section Toll Annual Card becomes valid.

Licence numbers cannot normally be changed after the start of validity. However, provided the requirements below are met and the required documents are submitted, changes to the Digital Annual Vignette and the Digital Section Toll Annual Card can be applied for. 18 euros are payable to compensate for the expenses incurred by every change.  

  • Moving to another political district
  • District consolidation
  • Vehicle stolen
  • Number plate stolen/lost
  • Total loss of vehicle
  • Deletion of your personalized number plate

Loss, theft and total loss entitle you to a refund of the 18 euros expenses you paid. 


Yes, with the lower section of a valid annual toll sticker you receive a credit of 40 Euro. The bar code on the front of the lower section of the toll sticker is used as a voucher.

Please note that the voucher can only be redeemed once. If a valid annual digital toll sticker is available for the vehicle license plate, the amount of 40 euros will automatically be credited to the purchase price of the section toll annual card.


You can choose the Digital Annual Vignette or, for a selected section, the Digital Annual Section Toll Card.

As a registered customer, you can take out the subscription for your Digital Annual Vignette or Annual Section Toll Card. Please create a new account or login. 

  • Click on the corresponding symbol for the Annual Vignette or Section Toll Card on the start page.
  • To subscribe to the Digital Annual Vignette, select "Buy vignette + subscription" under product variant on the "Product selection" page.
  • For the Digital Annual Section Toll Card, select the "Annual Card Subscription"  button for the number of journeys.
  • Then enter your license plate details.
  • For the direct debit, select the desired credit card or Klarna bank transfer under "Method of payment".
  •  Confirm the terms of use and conclude your subscription.
  • You will then receive your subscription order confirmation and invoice via e-mail.

Tip: You can view and manage your new subscription after conclusion comfortably under My account / My subscriptions.

When you subscribe, your Digital Annual Vignette or your Digital Annual Section Toll Card is automatically extended until revoked at the applicable rates and conditions of the subscription contract.

The subscription can be canceled at any time under "My subscriptions" - the cancellation period is three days without giving reasons.

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