Frequently asked questions about the digital tolls

Why is the digital vignette valid from the 18th day after purchase at the earliest? On which sections do I have to pay for the section toll? How does the license plate input work? We have compiled these and other frequently asked questions for you in the following FAQ section.

General questions

I am your smart digital assistant. I am happy to help with questions about our digital toll products. I'm always learning and getting better! I do not process any personal data other than the data you enter. Chat histories are identified and stored using anonymous IDs. You will also find detailed information on data protection legislation on our data protection page.

Tip: These links  start a dialogue with our digital assistants.

You can check whether a vehicle has a valid digital vignette on our webshop homepage under "validity check". You can easily determine whether you are allowed to use a motorway or expressway with this vehicle.  A maximum of three queries in one day is possible from one and the same device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Not during the validity period. Therefore, if you have purchased an annual toll sticker, you cannot switch to a digital vignette during the validity period. The reverse is also not possible. For the following vignette year, you can choose between the digital vignette or toll sticker.

Exception:  If a windscreen with an affixed toll sticker is broken, we support a free, uncomplicated and rapid switch to the digital vignette.

  • You will need a vignette on the motorways and expressways marked in orange.
  • On the sections marked in green, you must pay the section toll.
  • Sections marked in blue are those where vignettes are not required according to § 13 para. 1a and 1b of the Federal Road Tolls Act [BStMG] (for the A7 or A26 near Linz, see Part A I, point 1.3.1 of the Tolling Regulations).

Mautpflichtiges Streckennetz inkl. Mautausnahmen

We offer the following payment methods:

Payment by credit card
We accept:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Mastercard
  • Debit Mastercard
  • Visa

Klarna Sofort or Direct Debit
Payments with Klarna Sofort are possible from Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands up to 5,000 euros and for private customers. Private customers from Austria and Germany can also pay for a subscription with Klarna Direct Debit.

Paying via PayPal
If you have selected PayPal as a payment option, you will be redirected to PayPal where you will be prompted to log in to your PayPal account. After logging in, you can confirm the payment.

Bank transfer with eps or giropay
Payments with eps or giropay are possible from Austrian and German bank accounts.

SEPA direct debit
Payments with SEPA direct debit are possible from Austrian and German bank accounts.

Would you like to subscribe?
You have the possibility to pay by credit card. For private customers from Austria and Germany the payment is also possible with Klarna Direct Debit.

SEPA direct debit
Payments with SEPA direct debits are currently only possible from Austrian and German bank accounts.


With a Klarna direct debit, you can only change your bank account directly with Klarna.

  • Log in to your customer account.
  • After successful registration and login, click “My means of payment” under “My account”.
  • Click “Edit means of payment”:

Zahlungsmittel bearbeiten

  • Enter the data for your means of payment.
  • Then click “Save means of payment”.
  • You can then select the services for which you want to use this means of payment. To do this, place the appropriate checkmarks and click “Save selection”.

You have the option to pay by credit card and for private customers from Austria and Germany the payment is possible with Klarna direct debit also.

The subscription can be canceled at any time under "My subscriptions" - the cancellation period is three days without giving reasons.

When you subscribe, your Digital Annual Vignette or your Digital Annual Section Toll Card is automatically extended until revoked at the applicable rates and conditions of the subscription contract.

As a registered customer, you can take out the subscription for your Digital Annual Vignette or Annual Section Toll Card. Please create a new account or login. 

  • Click on the corresponding symbol for the Annual Vignette or Section Toll Card on the start page.
  • To subscribe to the Digital Annual Vignette, select "Buy vignette + subscription" under product variant on the "Product selection" page.
  • For the Digital Annual Section Toll Card, select the "Annual Card Subscription"  button for the number of journeys.
  • Then enter your license plate details.
  • For the direct debit, select the desired credit card or Klarna bank transfer under "Method of payment".
  •  Confirm the terms of use and conclude your subscription.
  • You will then receive your subscription order confirmation and invoice via e-mail.

Tip: You can view and manage your new subscription after conclusion comfortably under My account / My subscriptions.

You can choose the Digital Annual Vignette or, for a selected section, the Digital Annual Section Toll Card.

No. You can only take out a subscription for the digital annual vignette when you purchase the vignette in the webshop. If you still wish to set up a subscription, you can do so when you purchase the digital annual vignette for the following year.

Digital Section Toll

The section toll segments are located on the A 9 Pyhrn motorway, A 10 Tauern motorway, A 11 Karawanken motorway, A 13 Brenner motorway and S 16 Arlberg expressway.

Network of roads on which tolls are levied


The terms section toll, video tolls, route tolls or Digital Route Toll and Digital Section Toll FLEX are used as synonyms. This refers to the toll sections on some motorways and expressways on which separate toll rates apply.

The Digital Section Toll FLEX is a service with which the Digital Section Toll can be paid.


Choose your desired toll section, the number of journeys and register your license plate. The registration enables the system to electronically recognize the license plate number and the barrier at the toll point opens automatically.

You can use all of the lanes marked green. Please note that the lanes marked as GO lanes (usually to the right of the toll booths) are exclusively for trucks, buses and heavy mobile homes over 3.5 tons and are marked with a driving ban for vehicles of up to 3.5 tons. Disregarding the driving ban will result in prosecution!  A camera for license plate recognition is installed on each toll lane.

Passenger cars with trailers under 3.5 tonnes can use the marked check-in lanes. The designated digital section toll lane (far left) can only be used by vehicles without trailers with a width of less than 2 metres and a height of 4.20 metres. These dimensions refer to the lane or body width without exterior mirrors. For heavy motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes, the so-called GO lanes (usually on the far right at the toll stations) are provided.

Digitale  Streckenmaut-Spur

No. The section toll must only be paid for the towing vehicle.  This also applies to a caravan trailer.  Passenger cars with trailers can only use the check-in lanes marked accordingly.

As long as the ticket has not yet been paid, you can make any changes you wish.  Simply click on the blue pencil in the order overview next to the entries to be changed.

Don't worry. You will be directed to another open lane. Always carry your section toll ticket or invoice with you, then if a barrier remains closed, hold the barcode on the invoice or ticket against the automatic toll machine at the toll booths or ask for help via the intercom system.

If you have purchased the single journey via distance means (for example using the ASFINAG webshop), a withdrawal within 14 calendar days is in general possible without the need to give a reason.

It is not possible to return unused single tickets after the expiry of the withdrawal period. The unused ticket is valid for one year and can be changed to a different licence plate.

Please note that there is no right of withdrawal for single trip tickets already used (i.e. after passing through the toll station).

You need two tickets for a round trip. The number in the product configuration is therefore limited to two trips. If you intend to travel more often, you can, for example, place several 1 or 2-trips tickets for the same section in your basket.  You can also choose a different license plate number for each of these products.

Our tip: If you often travel a particular route, it may benefit you to purchase a digital annual section toll card.

As soon as the purchase is successfully completed, it is no longer possible to rebook a single-trip ticket.

The toll for the northbound route can only be paid locally at the Hrušica toll station in Slovenia.

Tolls for the southbound Karawanken tunnel is levied by ASFINAG. Tolls for the northbound Karawanken tunnel are levied by the Slovenian motorway company DARS. The section toll segment is located between the St. Jakob im Rosental junction and the state border in the Karawanken tunnel.

Digital Section Toll FLEX

The Digital Section Toll FLEX service offers the following advantages: 

  • Once the payment method has been entered and the service has been activated, the license plates you have selected will be activated for all ASFINAG toll stations.
  • You can activate or deactivate a further license plate for this service at any time.
  • The Digital Section Toll FLEX service offers a number of payment options: American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, VISA.
  • All journeys are invoiced according to the valid tariffs of the toll stations and are clearly listed under "My Account".

ASFINAG now offers its customers the opportunity to pay the Digital Section Toll using the new Digital Section Toll FLEX service. You can activate this service for each of your license plates under "My Account". By activating Digital Section Toll FLEX, the journeys through all ASFINAG toll stations are automatically paid. You can pass through all six ASFINAG toll stations conveniently and without having to stop.

Important! You can use all of the lanes marked green for the journey through the toll station. The lanes marked as GO lanes (usually to the right of the toll station) are exclusively for trucks, buses and heavy mobile homes over 3.5 tonnes and are marked with a driving ban for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

As soon as you pass one of the ASFINAG toll stations, your license plate is automatically recognized by the system and the barriers at the toll station open. All journeys are invoiced according to the valid tariffs of the toll stations and debited via your chosen payment method. The charge can be accessed at any time under "My Account". The invoice will be sent afterwards via e-mail.

Important! You can use all of the lanes marked green for the journey through the toll station. The lanes marked as GO lanes (usually to the right of the toll station) are exclusively for trucks, buses and heavy mobile homes over 3.5 tonnes and are marked with a driving ban for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

Don't worry - please contact a member of the toll staff. Our colleagues on site will be more than happy to help you. If you are at a toll machine, you will be redirected to the toll staff via intercom.

Please make a subsequent payment. Log in under "My Account" and select "My Services" from the menu. All outstanding payments are listed on this page. Make the subsequent payment with a valid payment method - the subsequent payment will be carried out for all outstanding amounts. You will receive the invoice by e-mail once the subsequent payment has been made. If the Digital Section Toll FLEX service has already been deactivated, you can reactivate it at any time under "My Account".

You can deactivate the Digital Section Toll FLEX service at any time under "My Account" and activate it again at a later date. 

Yes, as a motorcyclist you can also use the digital section toll or the digital section toll flex. Save yourself the payment process at toll stations and pass through toll stations faster.

However, the passage with a digital section toll ticket or with the digital section toll flex does not always work as smoothly on a motorcycle as it does on a car – this is due to the automatic license plate recognition in the toll lane:

  • In the toll lane open to all vehicles, the vehicle license plate number is only ever read from the front. Vehicle license plate numbers of motorcycles cannot be recognised automatically because they are attached to the back of the motorcycle. The barrier remains closed. In this case, please inform the toll staff of your license plate number (press the help button when the toll booth is unmanned: A member of the service staff will answer.) The licence plate number is used to check whether a digital section toll ticket has been purchased or whether the digital section toll flex has been activated. If either of these is the case, the barrier will open.
  • In the digital section toll lane, the license plate numbers are read from the front and back. However, since motorcycle vehicle license plate numbers are on two lines, automatic recognition is still not guaranteed. If the barrier does not open automatically, you will be diverted. Use one of the other toll lanes open for motorcycles. Please inform the toll staff of your license plate number (press the help button when the toll booth is unmanned: A member of the service staff will answer.). The licence plate number is used to check whether a digital section toll ticket has been purchased or whether the digital section toll flex has been activated. If either of these is the case, the barrier will open.

Digital Section Toll A 9

Due to the new barrier-free passage and the lack of a diversion possibility at the Bosruck and Gleinalm toll stations, the period of validity of section toll annual cards can no longer be displayed. In order to be able to view your product data at any time, we therefore recommend all those who have a section toll annual card to register in the ASFINAG Webshop.

Please check the validity of your section toll annual card before you start your journey. You have the following options:

  • By means of a validity query at
  • As a registered customer in your customer account under the "My products" tab or
  • Contact the ASFINAG Service Center by telephone on 0800 400 12 400 or +43 1 955 12 66.

Alternatively, you can also personally check the validity on site in an occupied toll booth. Please get in the appropriate lane in good time

In normal cases, a replacement toll charge of 120 euros would be due. If you have an expired section toll annual card, please proceed as follows:

  • Buy a new section toll annual card for license plate number concerned at the toll station or in the ASFINAG Webshop and
  • Send the details of the new annual toll card and your telephone number to

The newly purchased section toll annual card will then be backdated to the day following the expiry date of the expired annual card. The resulting replacement toll claim will then be checked.

Digital Vignette

Please find all information on this topic under the following link:

As before, random checks are carried out by the service and toll enforcement unitas well as by the cameras for the automatic monitoring of toll stickers. There are up to 20 mobile cameras for the automatic monitoring of toll stickers - their locations are constantly changing.

Yes, with the lower section of a valid annual toll sticker you receive a credit of 40 Euro. The bar code on the front of the lower section of the toll sticker is used as a voucher.

Please note that the voucher can only be redeemed once. If a valid annual digital toll sticker is available for the vehicle license plate, the amount of 40 euros will automatically be credited to the purchase price of the section toll annual card.



For consumers, the digital vignette or the annual digital section toll cannot be used immediately after purchase. They are valid at the earliest after 18 days from the date of purchase. They are valid at the earliest after 18 days from the date of purchase. This restriction does not apply to businesses. The reason for this is that, according to the European Consumer Protection Directive, consumers have the right to withdraw from the online purchase of a product or service within 14 days. As this withdrawal is possible by e-mail and by post, a further three days are allowed for cancellation by post until arrival at ASFINAG. For this reason, the digital vignette is valid from the 18th day after the date of purchase and only applies to the use of motorways and expressways in Austria.

You can activate the reminder function during the purchase process by placing a check mark.

As a registered customer you can check the validity period under "My products" > "Details" and enable or disable the reminder function by clicking on the "bell" at any time.

You will receive an automatic reminder by e-mail in good time before the validity of your digital toll product expires. The time when a reminder is triggered depends on the type of vignette/section toll annual ticket: 

  • For annual vignettes/section toll annual tickets, at least 28 days before expiry of validity
  • For 2-monthly vignettes, 20 days before expiry of validity
  • For 10-day vignettes, 4 days before expiry of validity

License plate entry

No, because the digital vignette is linked to the license plate number. If you are an owner who uses a transferable license plate, you pay a digital vignette for this license plate and can use all highways and expressways with up to three vehicles.

If you cannot find your country on the list, please select "Other Country".

Each country has its own standards for passenger car license plates.

For Austria:
Standard license plates
in Austria start with an abbreviation for the licensing authority and the regional coat of arms. Alternate markings, desired markings, and green markings for electric cars are also included in standard license plates. Non-standard license plates are referred to as special license plates.
The Austrian special license plates include, for example, all license plates before 1990, diplomatic license plates, transfer license plates, day registration license plates, export license plates, temporary license plates, etc.

For Germany:
Standard license plates in Germany consist of a distinguishing letter (one to three letters, e.g. HH for Hamburg) and a recognition number (one or two letters and up to four digits, e.g.: KL 8136).  E-mark for electric vehicles, H-mark for vintage cars as well as exchange-mark are standard license plates. 

The German special license plates include: Seasonal / short-term license plates, shipment/export license plates, red historical license plates, diplomatic license plate, transfer license plate, dealer's license plate, public authorities license plate etc.

License plate and validity changes

Check if your license plate number is already valid. Normally changing a license plate after the start of validity is subject to a charge and only possible under certain conditions.

The license plate number can be changed under "My Account" as follows:

  • "Create new account" or log in under "My Account"
  • Click on "My Products" then click on > (blue arrow)
  • Click on "Change license plate number"
  • Select the reason for change
  • Enter your new vehicle license plate details
  • Upload the files that the ASFINAG Service Center needs for verification.
  • Jot down a note about the files / documents
  • Select a payment method to pay the processing fee
  • Finally check the change overview
  • Confirm the "Terms of Use" then click on "Order with obligation to pay"
  • You will then receive your license plate number change and order confirmation by e-mail

You can also subsequently assign your purchased products to your customer account under "My Account". Enter the product ID of one product in your order.  All products of the entire order will then be automatically assigned to your account.

Please note that in order for the products to be assigned to your customer account the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase must match the e-mail address assigned to your customer account.

Registration in the customer portal is necessary for all changes.

  • Changes in My Data which affect your personal data can be made at any time and free of charge.
  • To change your e-mail address, please log in to your customer account. Then click on "My account" and "My data" in the webshop. You can change your e-mail address in the "Change e-mail address" tab.

  • Any changes affecting the purchased product are only free of charge before      the start of validity 

Example 1: You have purchased a 10-day vignette, valid from July 10th. However, your holiday is delayed and you will not leave until July 24th. Now you must alter the beginning of the validity of your vignette in your account by 9th July (23:59 clock) at the latest.

Example 2: You have purchased a 2-month vignette, which is valid from 16th March. You move home before the validity of your vignette begins and you are issued a new licence plate number, you have entered an incorrect licence plate number by mistake or you wish to use an already purchased vignette for a different licence plate number. For the above cases you must change the data in your account by 15th March (11:59 pm) at the latest.

  • Changes to the license plate number after the start of validity are normally not possible. However, a change may be requested for the digital annual vignette and the annual digital section toll ticket under the following conditions and with the provision of the necessary documents. Each change will be subject to a processing fee of 18 Euro.  
    • Move residence to a different political district
    • If the vehicle is stolen
    • If the license plate is stolen/lost
    • In the event of the total loss of the vehicle
    • In the event of deletion of the personalized license plate

In the event of loss, theft and total loss the handling fee of 18 Euro will be refunded. 

Note: Changing the license plate number in the Underway App is only possible before validity period. License plate changes during the validity period are only possible at the webshop.


Please note that the registration holder must not change.


Yes, registered users can do so here at the web shop. You may change the validity period and you licence number until your Digital Vignette or Digital Section Toll Annual Card becomes valid.

Licence numbers cannot normally be changed after the start of validity. However, provided the requirements below are met and the required documents are submitted, changes to the Digital Annual Vignette and the Digital Section Toll Annual Card can be applied for. 18 euros are payable to compensate for the expenses incurred by every change.  

  • Moving to another political district
  • District consolidation
  • Vehicle stolen
  • Number plate stolen/lost
  • Total loss of vehicle
  • Deletion of your personalized number plate

Loss, theft and total loss entitle you to a refund of the 18 euros expenses you paid. 


To protect your product from misuse by unauthorized third parties. Only as a registered/recorded customer can a change be carried out correctly and the authority of the change ensured.

Mobile app "Unterwegs"

You can store your credit cards, customer cards and much more in one central location with Wallet/WalletPasses. By purchasing a digital toll product from us here in the shop, you will receive your purchased product as Wallet file by e-mail, together with your invoice and order confirmation.

Yes. All products, no matter where they were purchased (app, automat, anonymous in the webshop) can be assigned to your customer account. Provided you are registered in our webshop.

Invoices and order confirmations

If you buy a digital vignette it is not necessary to carry the printout in the vehicle, but please keep the printout of your order confirmation until the end of the use period.

If you buy an annual digital section toll this must be carried in the vehicle so that you can pass through the toll stations. Please keep the printout of your order confirmation until the end of the use period.

In order to be able to correct your data we need the invoice number and the new data. Please contact the ASFINAG Service Centre for this.

An invoice was sent to you by email. You can also print out this invoice a second time directly from this email. In order to obtain a copy of your invoice, simply log in to My Account. You will find your duplicate invoice under My Purchases and you can view the order confirmation as a PDF file under My Products.

If you have correctly registered the license plate number and selected the correct validity data, and the purchase of the digital vignette or digital section toll has been successfully completed, you have paid the toll.

It can take up to 15 minutes for the e-mail to arrive. Please also check your spam or junk mail folder. Should you still not have received an invoice or order confirmation, please contact the ASFINAG Service Centre with the following documents:


  • A copy of the registration document
  • A copy of the holder’s identity card or a corresponding company signature in case of company cars.

You can specify an invoice address according to your own requirements.

Registration & login

A consumer is any person who is not a business. The term user is also often used as a synonym for consumer.  A business refers to the person who is assigned by a company for the execution of their business.

  • Please log in under “My account”.
  • If you do not have any access data yet, you can register for the customer account under “My account”.
  • After successful registration and login, you can assign your digital toll product to your customer account under “Services”/“Assign products” by entering the corresponding product ID.
  • You will find the product ID on the order confirmation.

If you register as a customer, you have even more advantages:

  • You have direct access to your purchased products,
  • you can change your customer data as well as (if the requirements are met) the vehicle license plate number,
  • you can assign anonymously purchased products to your customer account
  • you can activate the reminder function before the validity of your vignette expires.


Simply click on "Forgotten password" in the login screen. You will then receive a link to change your password after entering your e-mail address. If you click on this link, you will be taken to a page where you can assign a new password.

With the creation of the ASFINAG customer account, the existing customer data was transferred from the previous toll shop. For system-technical reasons, you must re-enter the password. You can also use the old password when assigning a new one.

In the future, you will be able to access all ASFINAG services very easily with a central customer account.

With the introduction of the ASFINAG customer account, however, not all ASFINAG services are connected yet.

If you delete your account, all your account information on, in the toll shop and in the Unterwegs app will be lost. However, this has no effect on products that have already been purchased (i.e. they retain their validity).

ASFINAG attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. If the use of our website is not possible without the provision of personal data, the use of your personal data (such as name, address, e-mail address) is always voluntary and only with your consent. This also applies to the transfer of your personal data to third parties (subsidiaries or other third parties).
We have applied the necessary technical and organizational measures according to the legal requirements for electronic communication and data protection.
You have the right to access, correct or delete your personal data at any time. For the purpose of the technical operation of the website, the IP address, date, time and viewed pages are recorded when visiting the ASFINAG website. These are used exclusively from a technical point of view for traceability in the event of a fault and troubleshooting. This data will not be disclosed to third parties. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

No, the creation of the ASFINAG customer account does not change any purchases that have already been made

Some company networks may make the activation link unusable. In such cases, please try to perform the activation via your private device or outside the network you are currently using.

Scratch cards

With the scratch card to the digital vignette in just a few steps:

  1. Scratch free the code on the front of the scratch card
  2. On the start page of select the "ANNUAL VIGNETTE"
  3. Enter your vehicle licence plate number.
  4. In the field "Registration code" enter the code you have uncovered and click on "NEXT"
  5. Please enter your e-mail address on the "My data" page
  6. Click on "NEXT" and confirm the conditions of use on the page "Order overview" and the orange button "REDEEM CODE AND ORDER" to complete the order process
  7. You will then receive your 0 Euro invoice and your order confirmation by e-mail

Note: Your digital vignette becomes valid immediately on using the code - your right of withdrawal is void.

You cannot buy scratch cards, but receive them in the form of promotions. For example, some publishers offer their customers a free annual vignette when they take out an annual subscription. Once you have paid for your annual subscription, you will receive a scratch card. In the Webshop, enter the code on the card together with the country of registration and your vehicle license plate number.

Right of withdrawal

Please note that only consumers can make use of the right of withdrawal, and not persons in the exercise of an independent, business purpose (company).

Instructions for a quick processing of your withdrawal (applies only to consumers):

  • Please log in under "My account".
  • (If you do not have any access data yet, you can register for the customer account under the same link. After successful registration, you can assign your digital toll product to your customer account under "Services" – "Assign products" by entering the corresponding product ID.)
  • Now select under "My account" – "My products".
  • By clicking the blue arrow, you will be taken to the product details.
  • Under "Other services" you can cancel the product.
  • Cancellation is only possible before your digital toll product becomes valid.
  • In the event of a timely cancellation, all payments made will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice at the latest.